Fountain Hills Rotary Club – News Release

There are issues with Arizona’s statue that allows mail in ballots to be collected and delivered in bulk to polling places on election day.  Senator Michele Reagan  serving in District 23 expressed her views at the weekly Fountain Hills Rotary meeting.  

Senator Reagan stated, “I’m a bit concerned with making sure that our mail-in ballots system doesn’t have any fraud associated with any of it.   Not accusing anybody with anything but I just want to make sure that our statues are in line with that of other states.   And, I see some loopholes that I’d like to get tied up and closed.”

Senator Reagan continued, “When we see somebody come into a committee room and say that he or she has personally collected thousands of ballots and dropped them off on election day at a polling place, that should raise some eyebrows and that was said in testimony and not accusing this gentleman of doing anything illegal because it’s completely 100% legal in our state and that’s where the problem lies because Arizona is the only state in the country that would allow something like this  to occur.  It’s a loophole in our law and it needs to be closed, we’ll try to get that passed sometime soon, it won’t be able to go into effect this election but maybe for 2016.  

The primary this year is August 26th.  It doesn’t matter if your Republican, Democrat, or Independent….yes, Independents can vote too.

Senator Reagan has served in the Arizona House of Representative for 8 years and now nearly 4 year in the Senate representing District 23.