Small Businesses Are People Too

We’ve all heard politicians talk about small businesses being the “lifeblood” or “backbone” of our economy, but are they really aware of the value these small businesses provide?

As a former small business owner, I know firsthand the true value these businesses bring to our economy. Small businesses employee half of our country’s workforce and are responsible for producing two out of every three new jobs for the American people.

Throughout my entire time in public service I have prioritized the needs of small business.  I’ve worked relentlessly to keep government involvement to a minimum and to provide a stage for these small businesses to thrive.  I have introduced and supported legislation that cut bureaucratic red tape, eliminated burdensome regulations, streamlined government operations and implemented free-market principles that strengthened our economy.

My commitment to small business is unwavering.  I’m proud to have earned multiple awards and endorsements from the small business community:


Award from the National Federation of Independent Business

Award from the Arizona Small Business Association

Award from the National Association of Women Business Owners

To see a full list of awards, go here


As Secretary of State, I will continue to be an advocate for small business.  One important responsibility of the Secretary of State’s Office is managing the lengthy business filing process.  My office will ensure small businesses get the same treatment as large corporations.