AZ political candidates guests of Graham County Republican Women

By Ken Showers Eastern Arizona Courier

SAFFORD — The Graham County Republican Women played host to a few very special guests this last saturday at their monthly meeting. The first two were local young women Jacy Larson (17) and Taylor Barney (18). The pair are winners of the Republican Women’s Scholarship contest and were on hand to be presented to the group.

Taylor Barney spoke to everyone in attendance about her recent graduation from Thatcher High School and her plan to attend Eastern Arizona College in order to earn an associate’s degree in cosmetology. Jacy Larson arrived slightly later, apologizing as she was driven up to the mountain with her family that morning, and unbeknownst to her, forced to hike down (much to the amusement of the assembled guests). When she revealed that she would be voting age this year, one of the other special guests at the meeting, Senator Michele Reagan, personally gave her the documentation to register to vote.

Senator Reagan offered her thanks to the assembled men and women and talked with them about two topics close to her heart. The first is her campaign for Secretary of State; the second was her reason for doing so. What concerns Senator Reagan in Arizona is the lax state of voter laws. The senator finds conditions in Arizona disturbingly lax in comparison to other states. “There’s so many holes in our state statutes the other states have already closed,” said said. She shared stories with the crowd of instances in Yavapai County where trucks will show up to polling centers during an election and deposit laundry baskets full of ballots (and she has pictures to prove it). She said that it is occurring regularly in Arizona, and, worse, legally.

“A system like that is ripe for fraud,” she said. “If we think our voting system is 100-percent flawless we’re fooling ourselves.”

Senator Reagan’s visit was shared by House of Representatives member Adam Kwasman, who spoke about his bid for Congress and his goals. “They’re coming after you,” he said, pointing to everyone. “They’re coming for you, and we need to hold these people responsible.”

Representative Kwasman was all about getting tough on Democrats and Obamacare, and spoke of his desire to see a special shared commerce zone with neighbors Mexico and Canada, where Americans could find prescription drugs cheaper and based on an international approval system so that people don’t have to wait for medicines to have market approval in different countries.

Kwasman happily announced that he was the only candidate endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and seemed confident in his victory over his rival Ann Kirkpatrick.

The Republican Women meet the first Friday of the month, in the Graham County General Services Building.