Strong Finish For Election Reform

Strong Finish for Election Reform

Election Reform passes!

The Arizona Capitol has been host to a wild series of events this week. I’m excited to announce that among the Medicaid Expansion and budget mania, HB 2305, which encompassed all of my election reform efforts, was passed in both chambers last night. This legislation will address the crippling provisional ballot problems from previous elections by increasing efficiency and restoring integrity to our election system. Some of the key elements of the bill include providing a means for County Recorders and Election officials to clean the Permanent Early Voter List, protecting the integrity of elections by preventing the mass collection of early ballots, and ensuring that all Counties in the state are represented equally – bringing Arizona’s Constitution in-line with the United States Constitution relating to referendums.

Medicaid Mania

The news across the state has been the debate over Medicaid Expansion and budget negotiations. The House of Representatives worked late into the evening and next morning on Wednesday and passed HB 2002, the Budget Reconciliation Bill that contained Medicaid Expansion. Many changes were made during the bill’s debate in the House and one of them was the removal of the crucial “Sunset Provision.” This provision allowed the legislature to revisit Medicaid Expansion in the future and evaluate its economic impact to determine whether the program should be discontinued.

The Sunset Provision provides a key “checks-and-balance” and its removal makes the Expansion proposal fiscally unsound. As legislators we are accountable to the tax-payers to appropriate their hard-earned dollars wisely, and undertaking a program that sets an unstoppable force in motion with no limits is not a wise fiscal decision. Therefore, I voted no against the Expansion.

What’s Next?

Even though the legislative session is coming to a close there’s still a lot of work to be done. I have committed myself to improving elections through voter education and registration and there’s no better time than now to get started. The Democrats have demonstrated their exceptional ability to increase their numbers and register new voters and we must match their efforts and determination. I’m going to work hard to register new voters and help build our party, can I count on you to help? If you want to help make a difference and register new Republicans, click here to sign up to volunteer!

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