Election Integrity and voting machines

The fundamental philosophy of our office is that it should be easy to vote hard to cheat.  While Arizonans have a fundamental right to a fair election, we must also have a process that voters feel is free from fraud.

We are aware of allegations relating to Mr. Soros and the Smartmatic corporation.   While we cannot comment on the credibility of those allegations, we can assure you there are no Smartmatic voting machines in use in Arizona.   We are also aware of allegations involving Dominion, the voting equipment utilized in one of our county’s, but we have been reassured by Dominion’s recent statements disclaiming any improper connections and remain fully confident in our elections.

Finally, we understand concerns about alleged campaign donations and other political involvement by equipment vendors.   These allegations likewise do not cause us to doubt the integrity of election equipment in Arizona.  More fundamentally, the most commonly requested remedies – to cancel equipment contracts and/or manually count all votes cast in the General Election – are not possible.  Arizona counties, not the Secretary of State’s office, have contractual relationships with the equipment vendors operating in this State.  And even assuming that counties could logistically hand-count ballots in a timely manner, state law does not permit ballots to be manually counted in lieu of electronic tabulation.

In the end, we remain confident in the electoral process because of the numerous safeguards we have in place.  Election equipment must be certified by the federal Election Assistance Commission (EAC), the State’s election equipment certification committee, and conform with Arizona law.  All election equipment is tested by our office for accuracy prior to Election Day (in the presence of bipartisan political observers), after which the equipment is zeroed-out and sealed prior to its use.  The State receives intelligence briefings about potential election-related threats and works with its county and federal partners.  Ballots are tabulated under 24-hour live video feeds and all counties conduct a hand-count audit of selected ballots to ensure the tabulation equipment was accurate following Election Day.  Combined with the pride and professionalism with which our elections officials carry out their responsibilities, we remain confident in Arizona’s electoral system.