Making Arizona Elections Cyber-Safe

France’s Presidential election is in the rearview mirror and once again a sovereign country’s election was interfered with by outside agents. The Arizona Republic editorial board printed a column about this new-age espionage while reminding us that states and countries must be prepared to defend against cyberattacks.

Arizona is no exception.

In June 2016 our voter registration database was the target of hackers. Fortunately, we had the appropriate security measures in place to prevent a successful attack.

Complacency isn’t an option when dealing with election security. Since the attempted hack my administration has increased cybersecurity for the voter registration system, updated protocols and responses to cybersecurity threats, and I am pleased to be recently asked to serve on the National Cyber Security Task Force.

Please contribute $20 to my reelection campaign so I can continue to keep Arizona elections secure.

My commitment to election integrity and security spans back long before being elected your Secretary of State and it will remain my top priority as long as there are threats to our democratic institutions.