Another Request from the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity

Three weeks ago, I received a request for confidential information contained within Arizona’s voter registration database from the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity. At the time I was concerned how the Commission stated they would make personal identifying data within the voter file public, which is expressly prohibited under state statute. Combined with little information about how the Commission would secure the data, I felt compelled to reject the request to protect your personal information.
Now, we’ve received a new request from the Commission.

Election officials around the state routinely provide voter information to political parties, media organizations and activist groups. In fact, our office is required by state and federal law to maintain a statewide registration database and make it available to the public upon request.

While many people don’t realize their registration information is public, under normal circumstances we do not provide personal information like DOB, social security number, mother or father’s name, signature, email address or any documents submitted as proof of citizenship.

In light of the revised request and a U.S. District court ruling against a group that sought to prevent the Commission from receiving the records, I’ve asked legal counsel to determine the lawfulness of the request and potential next steps.

As I originally said, we will never provide the personal identifying information of Arizona’s voters to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. We can only make available the same redacted information that is available to the general public through a formal public records request, as per state statute.

Stay tuned…