It's 2017, and my office finally takes credit cards

In the second decade of the 21st century, there is no reason Arizonans should have to come to the state Capitol, stand in line to pass a piece of paper across the counter and go home with that same piece of paper stamped “Approved” in order to move their business forward.

I share Gov. Doug Ducey’s appreciation for leveraging private sector-leadership to identify solutions for Arizona’s challenges.

That’s why, in February 2016, as Arizona’s second-highest elected official, chief elections officer and de facto lieutenant governor, I doubled down on my commitment to government efficiency and accountability by forming my Secretary’s Technology, Transparency and Commerce Council.

I tapped my close friend, Rodney Glassman, to serve as co-chair. As an attorney, former Tucson city councilman and appointed town manager of Cave Creek, Rodney has built a strong reputation for advising some of Arizona’s most well-respected business and community leaders.

Together, we developed a diverse group of leaders, including the executive vice president of the knowledge enterprise at Arizona State University; director of cybersecurity at Raytheon Missile Systems; managing partner of Red Development; and the presidents of Mobile Mini, Universal Technical Institute, Phoenix International Raceway, Knight Transportation, Artesyn Embedded Technologies and the Brewer Companies.

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