Show Us the Money!

Money in politics. It’s been a hot topic since 1758 when George Washington spent nearly all of his campaign budget on booze to win over voters on Election Day.
Ever since, our country has debated the role of money in politics and how it impacts our elections.

Since we won’t settle that argument anytime soon, I decided we should make it easier for people to connect the people and corporations who give money to the candidates and the vendors with whom they spend it.

We began public testing of our program called just a few days ago. It’s been exciting to hear the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the site and I’d like to invite you to participate in its testing phase.

The days of digging through reams of paper filings are over. The dynamic website empowers users to review campaign spending in a 21st century platform. In this day and age of Google and Amazon we should be able to search, sort and analyze information pain free.

Perhaps the most important feature we’ve built is the opportunity for cities and towns to utilize the system. In many municipal elections more money changes hands than in state races! Once implemented, people from Winslow to Wikieup could have a complete picture of political spending in Arizona.

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