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Posted by Arizona Freedom Alliance on August 7th, 2018

It's not like Republicans won't stoop to crazy things to win.  It's part of politics.  This year is seeing a bumper crop of Democrat tactics being used.  Whether we support a candidate or not is immaterial.  We are strongly opposed to any candidates waging patently dishonest campaigns.  From what we have seen, voters are sick of the negativity, too.  For this edition of election information, we have two candidates who are being unfairly and viciously maligned.  If you, the candidate, have the right message and work hard, learn how to campaign effectively and are honest and transparent, you should be able to get your message out successfully by sticking to your platform and being straight forward with voters.  If you are willing to stoop to mischaracterizations to win, you are likely to stoop to similar behavior if elected.

Dishonest campaign #1:

We have been annoyed at Secretary of State candidate Steve Gaynor's tactics to win.  If he has ever revealed his vision for the job, we have not heard it.  It's been all bashing incumbent Reagan all the time with sincerely nauseating ads.  Our question is this:  if he wins the primary with no platform other than "Michele Reagan is bad," what will he use against the democrat opponent?  Will "Democrats bad" be a winning argument for him?

Here is some of the fake news Gaynor puts out on Reagan to unsuspecting voters:

Gaynor: Michele Reagan signed a Consent Decree making it easier for illegal immigrants to vote.

Well, that's just silly.  We went to Reagan when she first took office and asked her to run a bill outlawing ballot harvesting.  She had already done so when in the Senate but it was conflated with other bills and they all died.  If she wanted illegals to vote, why would she do that?  Thanks to her, that bill became law!  Further, in the Consent Decree, County Recorders are now able to follow up with potential voters who submit the state form to ascertain citizenship status.  Prior to the Consent Decree, County Recorders were prohibited from checking citizenship status on state forms if the potential voter did not provide proof.  However, if a potential voter turned in a federal form, the County Recorders could check citizenship status.  The Consent Decree ensures that County Recorders are allowed to follow up on all forms, regardless of whether it is a federal form or a state form.  BTW, Gaynor's own election attorney signed off on this Decree according to records.

Gaynor: AZSOS Michele Reagan was responsible for the long lines in the President Primary.

We already covered his consistent outright lie about who was responsible for the fiasco we called the Presidential Preference Primary.  That was fully the responsibility of the Maricopa County Recorder and was signed off on by the County Board of Supervisors.  The SOS office has nothing to do with that election set up.

Gaynor: Claims that Reagan illegally failed to produce a new Elections Procedures Manual.  While he is correct that a new one has not been produced, there is nothing at all illegal about that.  The law requires "an Elections Procedure Manual" to be in place. There is one.  Period.

Gaynor: I am an Arizona businessman.  Yes, yes he is.  His business is in the Republika of CALIFORNIA.  He does not employ a single Arizonan.  He does not contribute to the tax base through his California business.  If he won't support Arizona's economy,  is he the best fit to serve the public whose taxes pay for government?

And don't forget what we already revealed: he has donated to Democrats like Steny Hoyer, the most liberal democrat in Congress.  His reason: they all supported Israel!  To which we ask, are there no deserving Republicans who support Israel?  Hmm, yes, most of them!

We are not alone in being suspicious of Gaynor.  He came from nowhere, has not been involved in party politics, except he donates to McCain and other establishment candidates.  He has never been a precinct committeeman, a school board member or a city council member.  Yet he starts at the second highest office in Arizona?  Why?  And why has he spent $1,300,000 to obtain a $70,000 job?  Or as one of our members said recently, he's just sleazy, looks sleazy and probably is sleazy.

Well, if the shoe fits...


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