Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan - Endorsements

Arizona Secretary of State, Michele Reagan: "...aligned with the Chamber’s pro-business position."

-Endorsed by the Chandler Chamber of Commerce

Arizona Secretary of State, Michele Reagan

-Endorsed by Maggie's List - Leading PAC for Fiscally Conservative Women

Arizona Secretary of State, Michele Reagan

-Endorsed by the Arizona Police Association

Arizona Secretary of State, Michele Reagan

-Endorsed by the Arizona Association of Realtors®

"After knowing Michele for many years, I have the confidence to know that she has the passion and background to maintain the high standards of the Secretary of State's office. She demonstrated her commitment by taking on the accumulated administrative deficiencies of the office and now has the office operating efficiently. Our elections are in safe hands with Michele Reagan at the helm."

– Dan Baxley, Longtime Friend

"Michele Reagan has revolutionized the Secretary of State’s office by making it more transparent and technologically advanced. As Mayor of Goodyear, I am impressed by the growth of her office since she has been sworn in and I am honored to support her for a second term."

-Georgia Lord, Mayor of Goodyear

"Secretary Reagan is a champion for Arizona business owners because she personally understands the adversity that small businesses can face. I will support her reelection because she will continue fighting the good fight for businesses in Arizona."

-Andy Tobin, Arizona Corporation Commission

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"As a Scottsdale City Council member, I’ve worked closely with Michele Reagan and her staff for a number of years. I can say with the utmost confidence that Michele is the right person for this office. She has done an impeccable job at bringing government to the fingertips of the average Arizona citizen. I have seen how her innovation has helped Arizonans during her first term, and I would love to see her continue her efforts for another four years."

-Guy Phillips, Scottsdale City Councilmember

"I have known and worked with Michele Reagan for years. She is a person with the highest level of integrity and is dedicated to protecting our fundamental freedoms by ensuring transparent, fair, and honest elections."

– Bill Gates, Maricopa County Supervisor

"The Secretary of State office is essential for business development in Arizona. As a leader in the hospitality industry, I can say for a fact that Michele has made my job as well as other business owners easier through the recent changes she has made in office. I am proud to endorse my friend Michele Reagan for another term so she can continue to have a positive effect on Arizonans' lives."

– Ash Patel, Hotel Owner

"Michele Reagan offers the people of Arizona a candidate that has impeccable work ethic and an innovative vision for democracy and free markets in Arizona that is unrivaled. It is an honor to have a Secretary of State that puts the people before herself, and I am thrilled to see how she will continue to better the lives of Arizonans in her next term. Michele Reagan is once again unequivocally the best candidate to be our Secretary of State."

– Barry Goldwater Jr., Former U.S. Congressman

"Arizona's thriving Jewish population has an outstanding friend in Michele Reagan. Reagan's leadership and love of Israel helps make Arizona an incredible place to raise our son, and ultimately, it's all about what we call l'dor v'dor (from generation to generation). Orit and I proudly ask the entire Jewish community to join us and stand with Michele Reagan, as she has always stood with us!"

-Adam Kwasman, Former Arizona State House of Representatives (LD 11)

"Secretary Reagan heads one of the most important offices in Arizona, and I will put forth my full trust in her once again for her re-election to Secretary of State. She is qualified and a trailblazer."

– Heather Carter, State House of Representatives (LD15)

"After moving from Gilbert to Prescott, I fell in love with the small business environment of the area. Some businesses have been here since the inception of the town. However, it has been difficult to maintain because the Secretary of State's office has been antiquated in the past. That is, until Michele Reagan took office and updated all of the systems to the 21st century. She is responsible for more businesses opening in the Prescott area than ever before."

– Jack Smith, Yavapai County Supervisor

"Michele Reagan’s vision for the Secretary of State’s office has made starting a business in Arizona more efficient and easier than ever before. I support Secretary Reagan because I believe she is the best person to help to continue the advancement of business development in the state."

– Jean Bishop, Mohave County Supervisor

"As the Mayor of Gilbert, I know how important it is for us to innovate and transform government. Secretary Reagan has spent her time in office working to meet the needs of Arizonans by modernizing and streamlining antiquated systems. The Secretary of State office has been transformed during Michele’s tenure and I am proud to support her for re-election."

– Jenn Daniels, Mayor of Gilbert

"Secretary Reagan is a wonderful friend and a dedicated public servant. I am proud to know her and endorse her for another term."

– Jim Waring, Phoenix City Councilman

"Michele Reagan is the exact kind of person we need in the leadership of this state. She is charismatic, thoughtful and innovative, which are all crucial factors in being an excellent stateswoman. I fully support Michele Reagan as she runs for reelection as Secretary of State."

– Jon Edwards, Peoria City Councilman

"During my 8 years on the Scottsdale City Council, I’ve seen the office of Secretary of State go through a lot of changes. The changes made by Secretary Reagan have revolutionized the way citizens interact with their government. By slashing red tape and removing unnecessary regulations, Secretary Reagan has made it easier than ever before to file paperwork with the government. I look forward to seeing what more advancements Secretary Reagan achieves with another 4 years."

– Linda Milhaven, Scottsdale City Councilwoman

"Secretary Reagan has a tremendous understanding of the election process. She has met with the Yavapai county recorder on multiple occasions to see what is effective in Yavapai County. She does not hesitate to learn from others in the industry of how to improve our elections. Michele Reagan still has work she wants to get done, and I know she’s up to the task."

– Mal Barret, Business Owner

"Over the years, I have gotten to know Secretary Reagan, I have had nothing but positive experiences. Her gregarious personality is needed in a political environment that is growing more volatile every day. Michele Reagan is who I’m voting for Secretary of State."

– Rich Gaxiola, Criminal Lawyer

"I served in the Arizona Legislature for fourteen years. As a State Representative, I worked with Michele when she was a small business owner advocating for smaller government and less regulation. I was very impressed with her. As a Senator, I worked with Michele when she was a State Representative. I was very impressed with her knowledge and her dedication to improving the economy of this State. When Michele became a Senator, she continued her passion to improve Arizona’s economy but also focused on improving our election process. Once again, I was very impressed by her. As Secretary of State, Michele has not only improved our election process, she has actively brought her office into the 21st century. Michele Reagan has been an excellent Secretary of State. I continue to be very impressed with her!!!!!"

-Honorable Barbara Leff, Former Arizona Senate (LD11)

"With her focus on back-end technology and streamlining business processes, Michele Reagan has spent her term transforming the Secretary of State's Office into an effective 21st century service agency. This is what she promised in 2014 and she has kept that promise admirably. From campaign filings to notary applications all the way down to the library gift shop, interaction with her office is faster, easier, more convenient, and more secure than ever. Our state needs Secretary Reagan's steady leadership, creative energy, and collaborative skills. She is unquestionably the most qualified leader to continue the Office's transformation and protect our voter data from compromise. I will be voting to re-elect Michele Reagan this August and November, and I strongly encourage you to do the same."

-Jeni White, Constituent

"I am endorsing Michele Reagan because, through many years, Michele continues to demonstrate integrity as she has worked tirelessly for the citizens of Arizona. Please help re-elect Secretary of State Michele Reagan!"

-Jini Simpson, Former Paradise Valley Town Councilwoman

"Michele’s love and passion for public service has led her to make positive changes to the SOS office, which has made Arizonans' lives easier. Her authenticity and care for people are unrivaled, and I am excited to see what she can do with another 4 years in office."

-Joy Staveley, Business Owner

"I have known and worked with Michele for years. She’s represented me in both the State House and the State Senate, each time fighting for business reform and Arizona’s economy. As Secretary of State, she removed a lot of the needless red tape online, expediting many things by months! Please join me in supporting Michele Reagan for her re-election to Secretary of State."

-Lynne Breyer, Constituent

"Michele’s dynamic leadership has made our elections safe and our business development thrive. I am proud to support Secretary Reagan for another term as she will continue to push Arizona to new heights."

-Michael Andazola, Safford City Councilman

"The job of Secretary of State often faces many challenges, and I fully entrust Michele Reagan to continue her work to conquer any obstacle her office faces. Please join me in continuing to ensure the security of our democracy in Arizona by supporting Secretary Reagan for her re-election."

-Stuart McDaniel, Candidate for State House of Representatives (LD6)

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