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  • Senator Michele Reagan is Endorsed by Governor Jan Brewer

Dark Money = Front Page News

Michele Reagan for Secretary of State

Friends, I need your help to defeat an unprecedented dark money campaign waged to capture Arizona’s second highest office. This is not the Arizona political state of affairs I grew up in. Dark money continues its unrelenting downpour into the Secretary of State’s race, approaching nearly $600,000. Rumor has it close to $1,000,000 will be …

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Governor Brewer Endorsement

Governor Jan Brewer and Michele Reagan

Friends, Today, my campaign received a big boost with the endorsement of Governor Jan Brewer. We made the big announcement at Tom’s Tavern, an institutional, landmark business in downtown Phoenix, to supporters and the media. Over the years, Governor Brewer and I have developed a close working relationship constructing conservative, responsible public policy for Arizona. …

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